Current Date:

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sudanese-American Friendship Society Launched

Chief of the  Sudanese-American Friendship Society, Dr. Abdul Magid Abdul Gadir said that the Sudanese-American relation started on 1903 when the US started its first

agriculture project in cultivation of cotton in Al-Zaidab in Northern State beside the construction of the USAID street in Khartoum North, added to that Chevron Oil Company activities, sugar industry, and military cooperation.
Abdul Gadir added that most of the Sudanese army officers attended training courses in the USA.
He revealed, while addressing the inauguration ceremony lf the Sudanese-American Friendship Society, that considerable number of Sudanese studied in the US educational institutions.
He disclosed that hundreds of Sudanese national have their high studies in the US universities, adding that the Sudanese-American Friendship Society is considered a bridge of communications between the two countries.
He said that Sudan has sent huge delegation including businessmen, artists and civil society leaders to strengthen the relations between the USA and Sudan.
Abdul Gadir affirmed that Sudan is in need to USA and the USA is in need to Sudan, pointing out to the huge potentials in Sudan represented by waters and arable lands, adding that the dealing with the Americans creates a strong ground of cooperation and change the old image that Sudan as a terrorism sponsoring state
For his part, the Secretary-General of the Society, Abdul Moniem Al-Sunni welcomed the resumption of the activities of the society, adding that Sudan has its values in all aspects especially in politics and culture, calling on American nationals to visit Sudan and see on the ground those values.
US embassy representative in Khartoum congratulates the Sudanese people on the launching of the society lauding the conservable improvement in the relations between the two countries after lifting of the US sanctions imposed on Sudan for 2 decades.
Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Abdul Ghani Al-Naeim affirmed that main objective of the diplomacy is to see the communications among the people, affirming their support to the society to conduct its noble mission.
US community in Khartoum expressed hope that the relations between Sudan and the USA become at its best in the near future.