Current Date:

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday, 6th, December, 2017


* Yemeni Information Minister Hails Sudanese Army

* More than 500 Thousand Sudanese Nationals Migrated to Saudi Arabia in the Last Six Years.
* US Economic Delegation Expresses Desire to Invest in Sudan.
* Ministry of Minerals Reveals Readiness of 14 Blocks for Gold and Copper Mining.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* US Corporate Council Commits to Assist Sudan in Removing it from the List of Sponsoring Terrorism States
* Sudan Ambassador in Washington Expects Flow of Foreign Banking Transactions.
* PCP Cancels Economic Forum Due to Not Getting Approval from the Concerned Authorities.
* First Phase of Ahmed Gasim Hospital Expansion Completed.

* Dr. Ghazi: Concentrating the Power in One Party Is an Approach to Corruption.
* South Darfur Governor: Conventional Mining Accommodates Big Number of the Citizens in the State.
* Gezira and Sennar States Starts Demarcation of the joint borders.
* Eila: Gezira State Recovered.

Al-Youm Al-Tali

* Recommendations to Amend Political Parties Act, NCP Rejects Direct Election.
* Umma Party Leading Figure Calls for Mergence of Political Parties.
* Ministry of Labour Calls for Legislations to Ban Illegal Migration.
* New Measures to Control Private Clinics.

Akhir Lahza
* Central Bank Directs Handing Expatriates Remittance with the Same Currency.
* WFP Aircraft Grounded in Darfur for Investigations.
* Policies to Prevent Smuggling of Gum Arabic.
* US Report: Sudan Proved to Be a Significant Player in African Intelligence.
Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Dr. Mustafa: UN Failed in Dealing with Rohingya Crisis.
* Bakri Inaugurates International Dates Festival.
* Gezira Speedy Train to be Launched Next Week.
* US Economic Delegation Discusses Partnerships with Sudanese Businessmen Federation.

* South Sudan Imports Security Devices from Israel.
* Former Justice Minister Calls for Amending Elections Act.
* Khartoum Legislative: 15% of Khartoum Population Are Foreigners.
* US Jazz Band to Arrive in Khartoum.

* Khartoum State Affirms the Continuation of Umra Procedures.
* Minister of Agriculture Reveals Low Revenues of Dates Exportation.
* Arab League Demands Washington Not to Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem.
* Qatar Affirms Continuation of Supporting Returnees Projects in Darfur.