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Sunday, 10 December 2017

First US Trade Mission Visit Aims at Strengthening Partnerships between Sudan and the United States

Khartoum - First American trade mission of 30 American businessmen and investors  arrived  Sudan on 3rd December 2017

representing  more than 130 huge companies distributed in five sectors of investment in Africa. The trade mission of this businessmen came Sudan to discover investment opportunities. The American delegate was warmly welcomed by Engineer Tarig Hamza Zein alAbdeen, President, CEO of Sudatel at Khartoum International Airport where the two sides held a joint press conference highlighting the first visit of the American businessmen.  
Hamza CEO of Sudatel, Principal Sponsor of Sudan Economic Forum, briefed on the investment opportunities and the noticeable success and developing of the national economy since 1990.
Florizelle Lisser, CEO of America Cooperate Council on Africa CCA, head of the delegate briefed to the mass media the aims, objectives, vision and mission of this distinctive trade mission. She pointed to the importance of this visit after the lifting of US economic sanctions imposed on Sudan for more than twenty years. She explained that Africa is rich of natural resources, added that Sudan is strategic country and a gate to Africa, noted to the valuable natural resources and the human resources as the focal point for sustainability. Florizelle said it just a beginning to open up the process of investment. She added that these companies came to invest in Sudan in the vital economic sector, including infrastructure, mining, oil, education health.
She described the timing of the visit of this trade mission to Sudan is good added that business can work a side with politics hoping that the lifting of sanctions will enable Sudan to do lots for its rich resources . The American trade mission took part in Sudan Economic Forum held on 4th December 2017 at Sudatel Headquarter in Khartoum with a distinctive participation of the Sudanese governmental economic sector representing in the Ministries of Finance and economic planning, Minerals, Oil and Gas, Investment, and Agriculture. These ministers highlighted the progress and development in their fields explaining the investments opportunities according to Sudan investment laws and procedures. The one-day Economic Forum discussed in its second session the Business to Government sectorial meetings of Transportation, mining, Petroleum and Gas, Finance, Health.
Trade and Development Bank TDB, President and CEO addressed the forum briefing the TDB, its mission, operations and its role as regional organization in Africa. It is also known as the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank .it is an African regional development financial institution in 1985. Its mandate is to finance and foster trade, socio economic developmental and regional integration across its member states.
The coming of this giant financial institutions and bi number of American businessmen and investors and their meetings with the government top officials, Sudanese businessmen , and their visits to some strong and well established Sudanese distinctive  companies and strategic sites , in addition to the  tourist and archeological sites will support increasing and  influx of more American companies and other intercontinental companies.
Sudan had set up its plans and strategies for attracting foreign investments, in order to create real partnerships with these American companies and others.  The First American trade mission will exert more efforts to inform with investment opportunities in Sudan when return home.
In a statement it issued in Washington, the CCA pointed out that this was its  first ever trade mission to Sudan on December 4-7, 2017 following the U.S. administration’s recent decision to lift economic sanctions on the country. CCA will convene a private sector delegation of investors and business executives to explore opportunities in agribusiness, energy, ICT, infrastructure and power.
The statement said the CCA trade mission aims to capitalize on the significant shift in U.S. policy. On October 12, 2017, the United States officially revoked longstanding economic sanctions on Sudan. This momentous decision opens the door for U.S. companies to do business in Africa’s sixth largest economy, which boasts a market of more than 40 million people.

 “CCA is honored and delighted to be the first organization to lead a trade delegation to Sudan following the United States’ decision,” said CCA President and CEO, Ms. Florizelle Liser. “This organization is deeply committed to economic development in every African country and I believe Sudan presents yet unexplored opportunities to investors and that the Government of Sudan is eager to welcome U.S. businesses.”

It praised the Sudan as being endowed with with natural resources such as petroleum, iron ore, copper, gold, gum arabica, silver and hydropower.  According to the African Development Bank, Sudan’s economy grew at 3.4% in 2017 and is expected to grow at 3.6% in 2018 following the lift of the sanctions.

Sudan also enjoys a unique geostrategic position on the continent, straddling sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and bordering the Red Sea which links it to the Middle East. The country has bilateral trade conventions and agreements with both African and Arab countries and is a member of COMESA.