Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

Sudan Aspires For Implementing Development Agenda & Combating Politicization of Justice in UN

Khartoum: Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor Ibrahim Ghandour has affirmed that Sudan is looking forward for an effective role of the United Nations in which there is

response to the reform of the security council , and implementing the developmental agenda as well as combating politicization of justice  for realizing the high target of the United Nations charter by realizing and maintaining the international peace and security
The Minister of Foreign Affairs has affirmed while presenting Sudan statement before the high level discussion for the 72 session of the United Nations General assembly that the Sudanese government has exerted considerable efforts for realizing peace and resolving disputes via dialogue whereby these efforts culminated with the initiative of the national dialogue and forming a national accord government that comprises the political components and the movements that opted for peace.
He renewed that Sudan is keen on making all come on board peace and dialogue highlighting the decision by the President of the Republic to the effect of extending ceasefire.
He highlighted the progress realized in peace and stability and the start of executing UNAMID exit in conformity with the strategy which was acknowledged by the Security Council outlining the importance of disarmament and reconciliation between the tribes for boosting peace in Darfur confirming Sudan's stance towards the International Criminal Court  which is in consistency with the stance of the African Union in many of its decisions
The Minister outlined in his statement that Sudan is hosting big numbers of refugees from the neighborhood countries and the region
He renewed the unshakable stance of Sudan of preventing nuclear proliferation and disposing of mass destruction arms.