Current Date:

Friday, 18 August 2017

Sudan: No Restrictions on Churches and Freedom of Faiths Guaranteed by Constitution

Khartoum - The Ministry of Guidance and Endowments has affirmed that the freedom of faith is availed for all the denominations in Sudan as per the constitution while it

affirms its categorical rejection of any accusation directed to Sudan in this regards.
Minister of Guidance Dr. Abu Bakr Osman said in a press statements good evidence of availing freedom of religions in Sudan the big celebration that occurred less than two weeks ago of receiving the Archbishop Canterbury for inaugurating bishop Hasgial for the Episcopal Church number 39 worldwide under the sponsorship and hosting of the Presidency of the Republic 
Responding to the American criticisms by what it calls Sudan’s record of freedom of faith he said no restrictions is imposed on churches and their action noting that there are no arrests in the country on religious backgrounds.
He further said what is said by Archbishop of Canterbury when he visited Sudan is a good witness of conditions in Sudan as he is a neutral religious personality and a considerable religious personality.
He added that we arranged a visit to Kadugli for visiting the church along with many meetings with Christian brothers. He noted that there is no freedom more than that.
The American government has yesterday criticized the behavior of Sudanese authorities with regards to freedom of religions saying that it does not provide protection to religious minorities.