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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Legal Experts: Withdrawal of South Africa Blow to ICC

Khartoum: The Presidency of the Republic has hailed the decision of the Government of South Africa to start official measures of withdrawal from the unjust colonial

Criminal Court and lauded the decree issued by Pierre Nakuru Nziza President of the Republic of Burundi to offically withdraw from the so-called International Criminal Court considering those withdrawals as a way to ending plots of exploiting free peoples.
The Presidency of the Republic called on all the leaders and the African peoples whose countries are still memebers of this unjust court to take collective steps of withdrawing in response to the decisions of the African Union, which considered it a new mechanism of colonialism to subjugate the countries of the continent and their leaderships.
The Presidency has further welcomed  the decision issued by the Pan-African Parliament, which called for the immediate lifting of the unilateral economic sanctions imposed by the United States on the Sudanese people since 1997 in violation of  United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution 27/21, which confirms that the unilateral coercive measures and  legislation is considered a violation of international law and international humanitarian law and the Charter and the norms and principles governing peaceful relations between States.
The Presidency appreciates  Ankara Declaration which was issued by the council of  parliaments of Member States in the  Islamic Cooperation Organization supporting Sudan in its efforts to addressing its economic and financial difficulties in which it calls the international community to writee off Sudan’s foreign debts   and the abolition of the unilateral economic sanctions which t negatively affect the development and prosperity of the people of Sudan, calling for lifting  the name of Sudan from the American list of states that  sponsors
terrorism and appealing to Member states councils and financial institutions of the Organization of Islamic cooperation to provide support and assistance to Sudan
The Presidency express gratitude  and appreciation for the African Union, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Non-Aligned Movement for supporting the stability of the Sudanese people, its development  and maintaining  its security and sovereignty of its territory
Experts of international law have described Burundi and South Africa's decision towards the International Criminal Court as a ‘stab to the court’ and is a severe blow to this Court.

Withdrawal of S. Africa is a good step: Bushara

Former Minister of Justice the legal expert Mohamed Bushara Dosa said that the step taken by South Africa, is a natural matter to assess the Criminal Court, although it came late resulting from the course inappropriate practices against African countries, particularly what happened  to South Africa from the part of the Court of upon  President Al Bashir's visit to Johannesburg. He stressed that the withdrawal of these countries is normal and in support of the African Union’s resolutions calling for withdrawal from the Rome Statute.
Dosa's told the Sudan Vision that many African countries will follow Burundi and South Africa in exiting the Rome Statute and that all countries will withdraw and the ICC will become non-existent and will be a name without content, stressing that the move of South Africa is a sound step and it came at the right time for calling on all countries that are still members of the court to withdraw.

President of the Sudanese Bar Association Dr. Tayeb Haroun Praises S. Africa decision

For his part, President of the Sudanese Bar Association Dr. Tayeb Haroun said that the withdrawal of South Africa's membership to the ICC was a ‘stab to the court’ and in implementation of the decisions of the African Union, that calls for the need to withdraw from the membership of the Court which he said had deviated from the road and become a tool against African leaders.
Haroun praised in an interview with the Sudan Vision said the step of Burundi and South Africa of withdrawing from the court and that the withdrawal of South Africa is a severe below to the Court, considering that South Africa is like a European country in terms of economy and strength. Haroun congratulated the African Union on the decision of these countries to withdraw from the court, saying that this withdrawal confirms that the African continent, is a free and independent continent and that its decisions are not taken by the dictation from external agencies.
He expected the withdrawal of the rest of the African countries from the court, considering that South Africa is the leader of those countries. He called on African countries to accelerate out of the Rome Statute and Thzo Hzo Burundi and South Africa's dominance criminal practiced.