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Monday, 01 January 2018

Bilal: Sudan's Stance on Gulf Crisis and Renaissance Dam Is Firm

Khartoum -- The government's stance on the Gulf crisis and agreements signed of the Grand Renaissance Dam are fixed and no new developments in this regard, Ahmed Bilal

Osman, the Minister of Information has said. 
In a statement, the Minister affirmed Sudan's support to Kuwait's mediation in the Gulf crisis, adding the government is working with brother Arabs and parties to the crisis, international partners to overcome this crisis and restore unity among Gulf States.
The statement pointed to Al-Bashir's tour to Kuwait and the UAE to push Arab efforts to contain the crisis.
The minister's statements came in the wake of remarks attributed to him in which he was reported in the social media to have slammed Arab media for fueling the crisis, especially pointing finger the Doha based Al-Jazeera TV Channel, but the minister refuted that his comments were not meant for undermining Al-Jazeera's role but came within the context of an in-depth explanation of the crisis.