Current Date:

Thursday, 27 October 2016

SPFBA Seeks Promoting Relations between Sudan and Portugal

Khartoum – Within the endeavors to promote the popular diplomacy between Sudan and other countries, Sudan Vision Managing Editor together with Public Relations

Manager and Coordinator paid a cordial visit to the head office of the Sudanese – Portuguese Friendship and Business Association (SPFBA) where they were received by its president Dr. Suliman Abdelmagid.
According to Dr. Abdelmagid, the SPFBA is a voluntary organization established on 2015 with strong aspirations and good connections between the Sudanese and Portuguese people.
The objectives and purpose of the configuration of the association
* The development of cultural and social cooperation and the spirit of understanding between the Sudanese and the Portuguese people.
* Exchange of visits, different cultural achievements, lectures, seminars and conferences, in addition to the exchange of exhibitions and trade fairs.
* Promote the clear understanding of the national issues of Sudan as well as Portugal.
* The SPFBA offers its services to all citizens without discrimination.

Abdelmagid said that there are great motives to promote trade, economic, culture, and social relations between the two countries pointing out to the relations between the Sudanese Parliament and that of Portugal.
He concluded with exclusive news about the imminent visit of the ambassador of Portugal in Cairo who is at the same time non-resident ambassador of Portugal to Sudan, Mrs.  Madalene Fischer.
More details in our upcoming issues.