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Monday, 01 January 2018

Mubarak: Our policy Focuses Making Investment Procedures Quick and Investor-Friendly

Khartoum ( SUNA) - The Minister for Investment, Mubarak Al Fadil Mahdi, was briefed on Monday by the Palestinian ambassador to the Sudan

, Dr. Sameer Abdul Gabir, on the arrangements underway for the visit of a delegation from the Palestinian International Agency for cooperation, beside a number of businessmen and experts, set for next July.

The ambassador said the Palestinian delegation is to get a firsthand information about investment opportunities in the Sudan and to discuss the possibility of establishing a lead herbal production farm in the Sudan in which the most up-to-date technologies.

He said the discussions will review establishment of pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum and to be briefed on mining chances in the country.

The delegation will pay field visit a number of investment projects, with emphasis on Khartoum state

The Minister of investment, Al-Mahdi, said the policy of his ministry focus on making investment procedures easy and investor friendly.

He said the ministry is keen to assist and provide all facilities for the investors and that Palestinian delegation is welcome and would be assisted by both the ministry and other stakeholders in the domain.