Current Date:

Monday, 15 January 2018

Sudanese, South Sudanese Diaspora Rally to Help People in South Sudan

(Agencies) A group of the Sudanese and South Sudanese Diaspora initiated a nafir (communal work) to provide aid assistance to famine-stricken areas in South Sudan.

Speaking from the UAE, Motaz Kabir, a former captain of Sudan’s national football team and member of the initiative, said the Sudanese and South Sudanese Diaspora agreed to carry out large-scale fundraising in order to assist the needy people in South Sudan.
Kabir revealed that they have already contributed cloths, food items and some money. He noted that their assistance will be transported to South Sudan through Khartoum.
The former footballer called on the two warring parties in South Sudan to stop the war and embrace peace in the country, appointing out that the people of South Sudan have suffered a lot from the ongoing conflict.
In February, South Sudan government, three UN agencies and other humanitarian partners, said 4.9 million people are in need of urgent food, agriculture and nutrition assistance.