Current Date:

Monday, 26 February 2018

FVP Stresses the Need to Use Modern Technology in Wheat Cultivation

Khartoum - First Vice-President of the Republic, Prime Minister, General Bakri Hassan Saleh stressed the need to use modern technology in the cultivation of wheat crop and the use of appropriate samples.
During his inauguration of wheat harvest at Manaqil Locality, FVP called for expansion of wheat cultivation to increase production and productivity to achieve self-sufficiency and achieving Arab food security, reiterating the keenness of the state and interest in Gezira Scheme.
For his part, Professor Ibrahim Adam Al-Dikhairi stressed the necessity of complying with the agricultural cycle and technical aspects to achieve higher productivity.
Governor of Gezira State, Dr. Mohamed Tahir Aila confirmed interest of the presidency on the rehabilitation of the scheme by forming board of directors, provide the necessary funding, interest in the development of infrastructure, rehabilitation of irrigation canals and development of incentive policies to attract investment.
Governor of Gezira Scheme, Engineer Osman Samsaa said that the cultivated wheat area in Gezira Scheme amounted to 418 thousand acres promise high productivity.
Director General of Agricultural Research Corporation, Prof. Al-Sadiq Suleiman said that the productivity expected to exceed 15 sacks per acre, despite the high temperatures at the beginning of the winter season.