Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

American Discussion Club Welcomes Sudan Vision Initiative

Khartoum – The founder of the American Discussion Club (ADC), Major General (Rtd.), Hammed Yousif welcomed yesterday at his office Sudan Vision Managing Editor and

some of the staff. He appreciated the great efforts exerted by the paper as the only English outlet in Sudan. He pointed out to the weekly Youth Vision page in Sudan Vision, describing it as a real addition to the paper in enabling the youths to express their own vision through the articles they are write in the paper.
Maj. Gen. Hammed highlighted the idea of establishing the American Discussion Club in 2004, in English teaching for different purposes. He said that there is an urgent and great need to such educational centers, pointing out to the talented students in the ADC.
He added, since that time ADC witnessed noticeable development and expansion. He said ADC started with one class for just 10 students no more. Now he is talking about three branches ABC of the American Discussion Club in Khartoum.
He expressed his readiness to have the paper to be distributed to the Centre as some sort of partnership. He explained ADC is working to qualify students in English Language as well as the native speakers indicted to the curriculum, the way, the style adopted in the ADC aiming to graduate qualified students and not just academic certificate.
For their future plans he explained that they will organize different debates forums which include drama, poetry, literature etc   .
For his part, Sudan Vision Managing Editor expressed his deep thanks to the ADC administration and all staff for their good cooperation with the paper, looking for distinctive partnership. He pointed to the importance of the English language for students not only at the ADC but in all universities and colleges. He appreciated the great effort and the contribution of the ADC students in the weekly Youths Vision hoping the Sudan Vision and ADC will do well in this regard .