Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Upcoming Challenge Is the Implementation of the Recommendations: Politicians

Khartoum – National Dialogue General Assembly members said, while addressing the procedural session, that the upcoming challenge is the implementation of the

recommendations, affirming their strong desire to support the process, besides convincing the holdout groups to join it.
Dr. Tijani Al-Sisi called for opening a new chapter in Sudan’s history, thanking all the political parties that were engaged in the National Dialogue.
Fadul Shuaib affirmed the readiness of the National Dialogue Mechanism to deal with all the disputed points.
Amin Banani said that the recommendations are the base of the comprehensive political settlement.
Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman welcomed the new comer to the National Dialogue, affirming that there will be no return to war.
Dr. El-Tayeb Mustafa congratulated the forces engaged in the process for the success on agreement over the recommendation unanimously.
Mubarak Al-Fadil called on President Al Bashir to direct implementing the outcomes of the National Dialogue.
Presidential Aide, Musa Mohammed Ahmed pointed out that the National Dialogue recommendations are the base of a consensus national project.
Taraji Mustafa said that the holdouts will join the process, adding that she is endeavouring to promote the National Dialogue outcomes abroad.