Current Date:

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Nafie Rules Out the Peaceful Settlement to Include SPLM-N and Abdul Wahid Movement

Khartoum – NCP leading figure, Nafie Ali Nafie ruled that the peaceful settlement to include the SPLM-N and Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdul Wahid Mohamed Nour.

In an interview with Ashorooq TV on Tuesday, Nafie expected that the leader of the National Umma Party, Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi and Darfur movements, headed by Jibril Ibrahim and Minni Arko Minawi, will join the peace soon.
"SPLM-N and Abdul Wahid movement will not be ready to join, but in order to obstruct the problem once again, they have no real eagerness to peace and there is no hope on them," Nafie said.
Nafie said that the Darfur movements are considered the most important to catch in the peace process, due to the convergence of their objectives and not contradictory unlike the SPLM-N.
He said that the US support provided to the Sudanese opposition  forces abroad, will be linked to those who accept to enter into peace and dialogue, adding, "not to enter into peace means intransigence and standing behind the positions of the war."
Nafie said the government and what he called "national forces" will begin a round of talks soon with opposition forces in order to persuade them to join the national document, which was agreed upon in the national dialogue.
He expressed hope that the upcoming round of talks will lead to a deal including defiant in the peace process, pointing to the presence of highly appreciation by the government for the joining of rejectionists through plans, along with lack of any delay in the implementation of schedules for the recommendations of the dialogue on forming a government and constitutional amendments.