Current Date:

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Dialogue General Secretariat Announcers Agreement on Droping Tribe from All Official Dealings

Khartoum- National Dialogue Secretary General, Professor Hashim Mohamed Salim has described the Sudanese National Dialogue as the most rapid dialogue in the world in terms of reaching a political reconciliation in only four months compared to lots of dialogues conducted across the world.
He announced this yesterday, while chairing the press conference of Inaugurating Youths Mobilization for Supporting the National Dialogue at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, dropping of the name of tribal affiliation from all the documents and government dealings which was previously adopted and agreeing on Sudanese identity. He stressed that Sudanese people are promised with lots of positive outcomes on the tenth of this October.
He disclosed decisions and directives that will be implemented immediately and other decisions to be referred to the Presidency of the Republic and the National Assembly stressing that all the recommendations concluded will be executed without amendment and saying that the dialogue is the only way out and there is no means other than implementing what was agreed on.
Hashim stressed that his message to the holdouts that the dialogue does not aim at sharing the cake nor wealth or posts and there will not be shares in deviding wealth and power and competence is the sole mean qualifying for holding posts
He affirmed that Sudan was lacking in national constants and overwhelmed by partisan constants however all have agreed on dropping partisan constants and underscoring national constants and Sudan after October 10 will not be a country for rent but a free country owned by the Sudanese people.
He stressed the need for forgetting about the tribe, party and regionalism and all adverse opinions in preparation for entering a high phase in the history of Sudan.