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Monday, 01 January 2018

Mudathir: Size of Food Gap in Arab World Amounts to 34 Billion Dollars

Khartoum (Mohamed Babikir – Areej Khalid) - Minister of Investment Mudathir Abdulghani has affirmed that the Arab region is facing

a big food gap amounting to 32 billion US dollars while the gap of grains represents 50% of the shortage and meat 18% of the shortage.
He said while addressing the  Sudanese international forum of agriculture and investment  that there is a rise in food invoice year after year which means the Arab economies are in a severe economic, political and social  complications.
He said providing food is one of the looming challenges and Sudan is one of three countries nominated for closing food gap at the Arab World level through availing potentials, political support and agreeing on clear policies towards tapping resources
He noted that Sudan has started via the Ministry of Investment dealing with the food gap in the Arab world, noting that the Ministry of Investment has started legal and procedural reforms related to investment friendly environment.
In a related development the Minister of Agriculture Prof Ibrahim Al-Dikhairi has described the food gap in Sudan as exceeding 40 million dollars. He added that there is a vast Arab market noting that Sudan is one of these markets because it possesses expertise from which the Gulf countries have benefited
He said the most important elements of agriculture is existing in Sudan top of which is land (two hundred million feddans)   as well as 47 million feddans of rain-fed agriculture in addition to the quantity of rainfall which has exceeded 200 million cubic meters of water adding that technologies in the world are based on water harvesters and if the rainfall is exploited in Sudan it will be enough to make the African continent green.