Current Date:

Monday, 28 May 2018

Nononsi Lauds Religious Coexistence Prevailing in Sudan

Khartoum - The Independent Expert on Human Rights in Sudan, Mr. Aristide Nononsi, has commended the peaceful religious coexistence prevailing in Sudan, indicating that

the issue of religious freedoms is present at all his meetings with the concerned officials.
Addressing a forum on religious freedoms in Sudan, which was organized by the Advisory Council on Human Rights in collaboration with the Ministry of Guidance here yesterday, Mr. Nononsi said he was pleased to participate in the activity to meet with the clergy to get acquainted with the religious freedoms and challenges in this connection, explaining that he would reflect during his coming meetings with donors and officials the developments Sudan witnessesin a view to achieving tangible results pertinent to the issue of technical support and training.
Minister of Guidance and Endowments Dr. Abu Bakr Osman on his part affirmed prevalence of peaceful religious coexistence in Sudan, saying that religious beliefs and rites are fully respected in the country, where all the citizens cooperate irrespective of their religious beliefs for building one homeland that accommodates all.
Dr. Osman has said the forum represents a concrete evidence for the peaceful religious coexistence prevailing in the Sudan, affirming that his ministry accords especial concern to the religious coexistence, stressing the importance of dialogue as a means for communications among the religions.
Minister of Justice Dr. Idris Jameel, on his part, affirmed recognition of the Sudan to all freedoms stipulated by the international agreements, indicating that peaceful religious coexistence has been prevailing in the country since an ancient time, where the Christian and Islamic kingdoms respected each other.
He said peaceful religious coexistence in Sudan stems from the tolerant nature of the Sudanese people, affirming that boosting and protecting human rights are principles that are agreed upon by all.
The Minister pointed out that Sudan has ratified the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the African Human Rights Charter, the Arab Human Rights Charter and the Convention for Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which stipulates the freedom of religions and beliefs.
The religious freedom is stipulated by the constitution besides the freedoms of worshipping and owning the necessary funds related to the rites of any religion as well as writing and distributing any publications, the Minister of Justice said.
He added that the Sudanese Criminal Law stipulates full protection for all religions in accordance with Article 64, referring to some obstacles facing the issue of religious coexistence, including erroneous concept of some international circles on the religious situations in Sudan and some extremist address by some circles.
Holding of the workshop aims at shedding light on this important issue and discussing it for finding solutions and removing obstacles, the Minister added.
The Rapporteur of the Advisory Council on Human Rights, Tariq Mubarak, on his part, affirmed that Sudan has remained throughout history as the cradle for religious and cultural coexistence and their integration, referring to the commitment by Sudan to the the charters that boost respect of human rights.
He voiced hope that the visit by the Independent Expert would realize the aspired goal of getting information that would assist him in his mission of getting acquainted with the issues of technical aid and extending services in a manner that enables Sudan to boost human rights.