Current Date:

Sunday, 01 April 2018

Agriculture Minister Calls for Directing Contractual Agriculture towards Strategic Crops

Khartoum - Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abdel Latif Al-Ijaimi confirmed his ministry's readiness to make the agricultural season

a success one through early preparations for the season and the provision of fuel.
During the meeting of the Advisory Council of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry here on Sunday, the minister pointed to the need for a law for contractual agriculture to promote contractual agriculture and protect and guarantee the rights of both parties, stressing the direction of contractual agriculture towards strategic crops.
For his part, Agriculture State Minister, Sabri Al-Daw called for the enactment of an emergency law to protect the rights of producers and investors to ensure the continued flow of technologies to increase production and productivity.
The members of the council agreed on the importance of applying all the laws and legislations that develop agriculture, stressing that the National Agriculture Week achieved its objectives.