Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

National Council for Cement Formed

Khartoum- (Khalda Elyas) Minister of Industry, Musa Karama, declared the forming of National Council for Cement in Sudan. He explained that this council will participate in solving the problems of Cement sector, and developing Cement industry .He pointed to that cement sector contributed with US$600 million in the economy. He noted that the Cement product is enough for local consumption .The minister assured that the ministry of industry is setting policies to raise the competitive capacity.
He added that discussed with top officials and experts at these factories the problems and challenges face cement sector, the recent hikes of its prices represented into the high cost of operation in particular electricity and petro-energy, beside challenges and problems in exporting of petroleum  materials and the future plans to develop .
The minister of industry declared also during his visit to the river Nile state that the ministry plans to establish an institute for technical training to cover the need for qualified staff. He pointed to the importance of cement industry for the local communities in the river Nile state.
Meanwhile, Dr. Al Amin Mohamed Osman, deputy of governor of the river Nile state assured his government commitment to solve all problems of Cement in the state for the sake of the citizen and the Sudanese economy. He explained the efforts exerted in this regards in collaboration with the directors of Cement factories. The directors expressed their readiness and commitment to make reasonable and stabled prices for cement.