Current Date:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

National Council for Child Welfare: Birth Registration is Necessity for Governments

Khartoum - National Council for Child Welfare, Suad Abdel-Al confirmed the rise in the birth registration from (58%) to (68%) according to the survey conducted in 2009, pointing out that countries engaged in armed conflicts or civil wars have the lowest birth registration rates, saying that the strategic actions of the council aim to strengthen child protection to reduce the obstacles that impede the registration of all children at birth.
She said that birth registration is a necessity for governments to follow up national population statistics as well as their contribution to the provision of data and statistics for planning, decision-making and policy-making aim to protect children and taking measures.
  Dr Manal Hassan Taha, Director of Child Health at the Ministry of Health, pointed to the need to improve the indicators by proper planning and provision of services and fair distribution, referring to the training of midwives to overcome child mortality.