Current Date:

Monday, 05 February 2018

Lt. Gen Tobai: Anti-Bacterial Infection Award Represents Medical Achievement to Sudan

Khartoum (Mona Mustafa) –   Sudanese Medical Corps general directorate has agreed in coordination with Khartoum State Ministry of Health

to emphasize the inherent links among infection prevention and control, antimicrobial resistance, and sepsis.
For his part, Director General of Sudanese Medical Corps, Lt. Gen. Khatir Tobai told Sudan Vision that Sudan is committed to the international protocol in regard to sepsis fight, adding that they have plans of training medical cadres in all the state of Sudan, pointing out that the Medical Corps represent a distinguished military institutions in providing medical services to the military mean as well as civilians especially in emergency cases, affirming that the Award of the Global Sepsis Alliance is an unprecedented achievement in the world.
Chairman of critical Care Council, Colonel (Dr.) Tareq El-Hadi, pointed out that the infection of the blood has become resistant to all drugs, causing the deaths in an alarming way because they are transmitted through blood, calling for the importance of the use of antibiotics after the doctor's prescription, adding that the award confirms Sudan’s capabilities and boots its medical role in the regional and international forums.