Current Date:

Monday, 05 February 2018

AUHIP Receives the Proposals, Endeavours to Bring Closer Points of View

Addis Ababa/ Khartoum - The Government of Sudan has announced that it doesn’t object to signing of cessation

of hostilities in Darfur despite its full conviction that there are no hostilities in Darfur, a matter that is known by the African mediation.
Chairman of the government negotiating delegation on Darfur Dr. Amin Hassan Omer has said they have come to Addis Ababa at the invitation extended to the Government of Sudan with a program comprising two items the first of which is pertinent to the Two Areas and related to cessation of hostilities with SPLM-N.
The second item is consultations on the Roadmap, which comprises the Two Areas, Darfur and the National Dialogue, and means of its implementation in the coming stage, Dr. Omer added.
He pointed out in a press statement in Addis Ababa that their consultations do not include any bilateral meetings with any other party, noting that the idea of the consultative meeting with the African mediation is that it is on the roadmap, which was also signed besides SPLM-N by SLM’s Minawi and JEM’s Gabriel Ibrahim movements.
Dr. Omer affirmed that the Roadmap does not include any provisions concerning negotiations regarding Darfur, saying that negotiations in Darfur are at Doha, but if the mediation sees a need for signing cessation of hostilities the delegation will sign it despite that Sudan believes there is no needs for this because there are no hostilities in Darfur in the first place.
He went on to say that if the African mediation sees that there are objective issues in the roadmap that should be discussed the government delegation is ready for this besides the importance of participation of the parties to the roadmap in the National Dialogue, which leads to the writing of a permanent constitution.
Meanwhile, the peace talks between the government and SPLM-N have continued in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa led by Chairman of African Union High-level Implementation Panel Thabo Mbeki, as the mediation has received the proposals of the two parties and met separately with each of them to bring closer together their points of view.
The Spokesman of the government delegation, Ambassador Hassan Hamid, has said the mediation then prepared a joint document in which it attempted to include the stances of the two parties, adding that the government delegation held a meeting yesterday and discussed the draft presented by the mediation and made its remarks on it.