Current Date:

Sunday, 18 March 2018

4 Thousand Voluntary IDPs Returnees Arrive in Gisan, Kurmuk and Bau Localities

Khartoum – (SMC) Deputy Head of Blue Nile State MPs bloc in the parliament, Komondan Juda revealed their intention to receive 54 Thousand Sudanese refugees from Ethiopia to the State, affirming the arrival of 4 thousand IDPs voluntarily to Gisan, Kurmuk, Bau and Wad Al-Madih.
Juda stated to (SMC) that the authorities in the Blue Nile State has organized convoys to support the returnees from Ethiopia and South Sudan, pointing out that the foodstuff, shelter and medicine were provided to the returnees to integrate them in the normal life, adding that the process was completed in coordination with HAC and the concerned authorities.
Juda conveyed several messages and call to the armed groups urging them to join the dialogue and peace process.