Current Date:

Monday, 01 January 2018

Blue Nile State Marks World Children's Day

Ed Damazin - (Walid Ali Adam) Blue Nile State's Children Welfare Council has marked the World Children's Day in a celebration attended by officials of the government of the state, international organizations, civil society organizations and children of the state.
Minister of Physical Planning of Blue Nile State Abdel-Moneim Eissa, the representative of the governor of the state, has hailed the children of the state, pointing out that the celebrations aim at drawing attention of all categories of the society to the rights of children.
He expressed thanks to the Children Welfare Council and its partners in the field of children protection for their concern with the children's issues.
He pointed of that Sudan has ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child and is striving to enhance their rights, calling for more efforts in this connection.
Commissioner at the Headquarters of the Government of the State Enaam Kermeno, on her part, expressed pleasure over the occasion, calling for convening  a session of the Children's Parliament, with the participation of the government of the state to hear the issues of the children.
Commissioner of Humanitarian Affairs in the state, Abdel-Moneim Abbas, on his part, hailed the efforts exerted by the Children Welfare Council and its partners for organizing such celebrations which draw attention to the importance of children protection.
Secretary of the Children Welfare Council Neimat Adam Khalil, on her part, affirmed the importance of integration of roles of the concerned parties for guaranteeing the rights of children in health, education and protection, saying that they would spare no efforts for realizing these objectives.