Current Date:

Monday, 01 January 2018

Criminal Investigation Directorate Announces Success of OPRERATION FAGIA –OPSON

Khartoum – (Khalda Elyas) Criminal Investigation Directorate announced the success of OPERATION FAGIA – OPSON which was conducted during the period 20 – 21 December in the member states of Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) organized by the Interpol  represented in Sudan by the Criminal Investigation Directorate ,.
The Director of the Criminal Investigation Directorate Maj. Gen. Hussein Nafie said, in a press conference held on Wednesday 27th December that the operation targeted the expired food commodities along with fake and illegal commodities.
He added that other institutions participated in the operation as a team work under the auspices of the SSMO including consumer protection investigation, Ministries of Agriculture, Health, National Council of Drugs and Poison in Khartoum, Gezira, Red Sea and Blue Nile States.
He revealed the launching of the upcoming EAPCCO general meeting in Sudan under the chairmanship of the Director General of Sudan Police, pointing out that Sudan will present the efforts exerted in this regard.
For his part, SSMO representative affirmed their keenness to achieve more cooperation with the Criminal Investigation Directorate and other related parties, pointing out the SSMO has become stronger in applying the consumer protection principles through those operations.
Consumer Protection Prosecution, Colonel Nazar Abdul Rahman displayed the achievement of the SSMO as the operation reported their seizure of 400 tons of expired food commodities. Ministry of Health reported 5,104 liters of edible oils, Poisons reported 7 tons of different types of expired drug, Health reported 176 kilograms of rotten meat.
He said that in 2018 all the states will be involved in the operation for the sake of the citizens.
Sudanese Customs Authority, Major Rashid Abdul Muhsim said that the participation of customs authority in the operation comes to protect the public interests in consumer protection, hence protecting the national economy.
He emphasized the importance of involving all the related institutions to make the operation a success, pointing out that the customs authority has played a considerable role in the operation especially in regard to the seizure of illegal factories in Khartoum especially that one which produces insecticides.