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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Cabinet Approves 2018 Budget Prior Tabling before the Parliament

Omdurman - (Zuleikha Abdul Raziq-Shadia Basheri) Parliament Speaker, Prof.  Ibrahim Ahmed Omer said the government is to table the budget for the year 2018 next

Sunday before the parliament which will hold an extraordinary session other than the specified days of sessions of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Omer suggest to the MPs on Wednesday session holding session of Sunday at the dawn of next week to be allocated for tabling the new budget.
He added in his address to the MPs " I ask you to agree to holding a session on Sunday so that the Minister of Finance tables the budget and the associated laws to be discussed on Monday and the parliament is to set up the sectors of "governance and administration" "social and economic development" to study the budget and submit a report on it to the parliament.
The MPs agreed by majority on the speaker's proposal.
The Cabinet Chaired by Prime Minister, 1st Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh has approved in its session Tuesday evening at the Council of Ministers the state budget for the year 2018 and its associated laws.
The budget was presented by Dr, Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning which is the first national accord government budget.
Cabinet Spokesperson and Secretary General Dr. Omer Mohamed Salih said in a press statements following the session that the budget in its general indicators aims at realizing an economic growth rate of 4% and reducing inflation from 34.1% down to 19.5%
He said the budget aims also to reduce the deficit of the balance of trade down to 2.2 billion Dollars and increasing growth of investment rate up to 17.6% of the Gross Domestic Product as well as increasing exports from 3.9 up to 6.1 billion and rise of saving rate from 4% to 11.7%.
He further elaborated that the budget aims to continue with tax reform, rationalizing government spending, and developing infrastructures, besides mobilizing idle capacities of the industrial sector, indigenizing engineering industries, increasing spending on agricultural sector. It was also confirmed that no new taxes are to be imposed.
The budget has also aimed at widening umbrella of social security networks and expanding comprehensive coverage of health insurance, availing life-saving medications, going ahead with establishing the specialized centers.
The secretary General of the Cabinet said the budget came in consistency with the program of the national dialogue and the state reform program whereby it decided halting construction of government real estate buildings.