Current Date:

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

2018 Budget Free of New Taxes, Measures for Mitigating Livelihood Burdens

Khartoum - Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has disclosed that the budget of the year 2018 is free of new taxes, while the increase of tax revenues is affected by

expanding tax umbrella and reaching new taxable persons.
The Ministry announced a totality of measures for mitigating livelihood burdens including activation of cooperative societies, and the continuation of government support of  personnel food project,  and tackling the obstacles disrupting it.
The Ministry announced its commitment to the payment of the arrears of the states during the coming year, and ascertained payment of work nature allowance in coordination with the states.
The Ministry affirmed the increase of the current support to the state at a percentage of 50%, and assured its commitment to overseeing the Commission of Revenues Allocation to verify that the states receive the salaries of the personnel for a period of at least five months
Minister of Finance General Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi  further affirmed on  debate meeting on budget project with Sudan Workers Trade Union Federation that his bias to the issues and concerns of the employees pledging to tackle teachers arrears .