Current Date:

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Defence Minister: EASF Aims at Confronting Terrorism Challenges

Gabait – (Mona Mustafa) Minister of Defence, 1st Lt. Gen. Awad Mohammed Ibn Auf has emphasized the importance of consolidation to defeat the terrorism in East Africa.

While addressing the EASF field training of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) on Sunday “Mashariki Salaam II,” in Gabait military base in eastern Sudan, Ibn Auf said that the field training was designed to ensure the readiness of EASF to confront the challenges ahead according to the AU plan to boost the relations among East Africa countries.
He affirmed that the EASF are now ready to implement any mission assigned to it in a professional manner.
He called for improving the local community to achieve welfare of citizens in the region especially in Somalia a matter that requires reviewing the cultural and intertribal movement through the African Union.
He lauded the support of the African Union commending the role of the AU in dealing with the conflicts in the continent.
At the concluding ceremony the EASF flag was handed to the executive secretary, Dr. Abdallah Omer Bo.
It is to be noted that President Al Bashir has issued Presidential Decrees according to which medals and orders were granted to EASF executive secretary, Maj. Gen. Izzeldin Taha.