Current Date:

Sunday, 08 October 2017

Eila Vows to deal a Blow Corruption Positions in Gezira

Khartoum: Gezira State Governor Mohamed Tahir Eila has vowed to strike and uproot the pockets and positions of corruption and deal decisively with whoever plans to

disrupt development .
He said we will deliver services to the citizens regardless of their tribes and regionalism and the political spectrum stressing that all  the regions and citizens are treated equally.
Elia has addressed a mass rally  in the city of Al Azazi at the locality Al Qurashi announcing the 2018 budget will respond to the demands and desires the people and the citizens of Al Azazi in the execution of Alzazi-Al Qurashi- Abu Kilab High way 
He called for conducting studies and plans for raising popular support  pledging to complete and rehabilitate a number of schools and internal roads and pave them
He noted that Gezira project has started to recover by increasing the cultivated areas at the summer and winter seasons  as well as  expanding cotton areas via self-finance and contractual companies.