Current Date:

Sunday, 08 October 2017

SPLM-N Launches New Recruitment Operations among Children of Nuba Mountains

Kadugli- (smc) Prominent leaders in South Kordofan State have revealed extensive operations of recruitment led by SPLM-N among the children in Nuba Mountains, indicating

that the children have been transported to Ida camps in South Sudan and trained to participate in wars there.
Secretary General of the Change Group, which defected from SPLM-N, Hamad Al Nil Hassabalrasoul, in a statement to smc, accused the SPLM-N of recruiting children under 10 years of age, disclosing that tens of children have been recruited by the movement recently from Rashad, Oumdorain and Haiban localities.
He noted that the leaders of SPLM-N were attempting to cover the shortage in their forces due to their losses in the earlier military operations.
Native administration leaders in South Kordofan revealed earlier that the SPLM-N had abducted and recruited tens of children, calling on the international community to exercise pressure on the movements to stop abduction of their children and halt putting them in the midst of war.