Current Date:

Sunday, 08 October 2017

Ministry of Defense Warns Those Who Fail to Hand Over Arms and Unlicensed Cars

Khartoum: The Ministry of Defense has warned all those who fail to hand over  arms voluntarily particularly following the campaign which is launched by the High Committee

for arms collection.
General Ali Salim state Minister at the Ministry of Defense that they will hold accountable those who did not hand over their arms and their and unlicensed  cars  after the fifteenth of the current October month which is the deadline for the voluntary hand over  and moving on to the stage of  forced hand over of arms.
He said while speaking  at the weekly forum at the ministry of Information yesterday noon that the Ministry of Defense is tasked with six recommendations of the national dialogue and work is now underway for implementing them these are: reviewing and demarcating the borders between the states  and the neighborhood countries which is a joint recommendation between the Ministries of Justice, interior and Defense along with rehabilitating airports and the status  and centralization of the Survey Department
He asserted that the arms collection operation is not a recommendation of the National dialogue  but the Ministry is according it a big attention.
Dr, Ahmed Bilal the Minister of Information Deputy Prime Minister has affirmed while inaugurating the new version of the weekly speech  at the Ministry of Information has affirmed that the forum is an original partner in the national concern as it avails to the Ministers presenting their reports  on the performance of their ministries and giving all the files to media organs,