Current Date:

Sunday, 08 October 2017

National Legislature Starts Deliberations on President Al Bashir’s Statement

Khartoum- (Mohamed Babikir-Khalda Elyas) The Speaker of the National Legislature, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, presented a statement before the parliament’s session

yesterday on the performance of the legislature, where he reviewed the works of the joint permanent committee of the two councils and the provisional orders which were tabled during the past period.
Prof. Omer noted in his address that the leaders of the two councils of the National Legislature, heads of the parliamentary blocs and the parliamentary groups of the states heard a briefing made by Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman on the government’s plan for collecting weapons and unlicensed vehicles, which pose threats to the social security.
The Speaker of the National Legislature said he would lead a delegation of MPs in the coming short period to visit Darfur States to boost the weapons collection campaign there.
Prof. Omer also reviewed in his statement the participation of the parliament in the past period in a number of regional and international conferences and workshops besides the meetings of the permanent committees of the Pan African Parliament and monitoring of the Kenyan elections.
Meanwhile, MPs deliberated  on the statement presented by the President of the Republic at the opening of the new session of parliament, hailing what the statement have included of support to peace and development in the country besides provision of services to the citizens.
They also praised the stress made in the statement on the implementation of weapons collection operation, referring to the parliament’s role at the supervisory and legislative levels.
It is to be noted that Cabinet Affairs Minister Ahmed Saad Omer tabled before the parliament a number of provisional orders, including the National Students Support Fund Act, 2017 and Wadi Al Hawad Project Act, 2017.