Current Date:

Sunday, 08 October 2017

World Bank Mission to Visit Sudan to Identify Projects of Natural Resources Sustainable Management

Khartoum - (Najat Ahmed: Al-Sammani Awadallah) Workshop on Integration and Sustainability of Pastoralism for Stable and Sustainable Livelihood  started yesterday,

organized by the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, with the participation of a number of experts in the fields of livestock, wildlife, forestry and the environment.
Minister of Environment, Dr. Hassan Hilal said that there are challenges facing the natural resources in Sudan, calling for the need to develop the correct policies for these challenges, pointing to Sudan's commitment to all agreements in the field of the environment, calling for the need to develop binding policies for all relevant parties, as well as the need to follow up the project of sustainable management of natural resources.
For his part, representative of the World Bank confirmed its readiness for lifting of the US embargo imposed on Sudan and to attract all local and international partners to involve largest number of donors, adding that the project has achieved great successes, especially in the field of training cadres and spreading the culture of sustainable management of natural resources, revealing that a supervisory mission will arrive next month to see the status of projects in Sudan, pointing out to hold a number of meetings with the competent authorities and the Ministry of Finance to involve largest number of donors and initiatives in the next phase.
On the other hand, the coordinator of the project for sustainable management of natural resources, Ibrahim Dokka, announced the holding of a round table on Comming months with the African Bank to discuss the sustainability of sustainable development projects, announcing the addition of a new project in the same project projects Saiqa, stressing that the project has made a real shift in people's livelihood and they recognize it