Current Date:

Saturday, 06 January 2018

The Parliament Approves 2018 Budget

The Parliament ratified 2018 budget Sunday, while the Minister of the Finance and National Economy Dr. Mohamed Osman Suleiman Al-Rikabi

has stated to media that decisive economic procedures has been taken to tackle the economic crisis “it’s not easy to overcome challenges and the solution costs high price and strong decisions” said Al-Rikabi who also acknowledged that prices of the commodities due to the roamers of decreasing SDG before dollar from 6.9 to 18 dollars.
The Members of the Parliament criticized the performance of Electric Companies and demanded the Minister to reveal the volume of money allocated to those who occupied constitutional posts and to reform the organizational structure of the government.
It is to be noted that the 2018 budget totaled to SDG 173, 1 Billion, the budget deficit estimated to SDG 28, 4 Billion. The budget has affirmed the policy of gradual prices liberation to strategic commodities the total amount of the expenditure reached to SDG 127, 2 Billion which represents 74% of the whole budget, while revenue reached to SDG 116, 9 Billion compared to 2017 which totaled to SDG 77, 710 Billion.