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Friday, 25 May 2018

Editorial: Throwing Stones at Others Heedlessly!!

So far, the two countries, Sudan and Ethiopia have shown how self-restrained they are when it comes to the military

escalation near their borders challengingly. 
Instead of applying tit for tat methods unhesitatingly, they are noticed as deescalating the situation wisely by behaving very diplomatically.
For Sudan, instead of accusing Egypt directly as stationing its troops and military machinery near its borders and that of Ethiopia challengingly,  it tackles the situation quietly by saying this; the main issue is not dangers posed by a foreign country, but rather armed groups threatening its security hugely.
Concerning Ethiopia, it also behaves in a similar way wisely. When it is asked about activating the joint defense agreement  if its security and that of Sudan are to be violated aggressively, its response is like this; hopefully, such a thing is not to occur at all. But, in case it happens, still  there is a possibility of manipulating it competently - through negotiations peacefully.
Sadly, such a refined and progressive pattern of behavior on part of both Sudan and Ethiopia has just been ridiculed by Egypt disrespectfully to the extent of piling up all its military machinery at their borders threateningly.
But, the lesson that Egypt does not comprehend appropriately is this; the consequences of what it has been engaged in ignorantly are going to be much painful destructively- plaguing all invariably, itself initially and the ones who revolve around it blindly.
However, and despite this, still, there is a light at the end of the tunnel;  Egypt has the chance of thinking it over thoroughly that what it has been doing presently is illogical totally-the ones with whom it have been creating problems with are close neighbors genuinely, till doomsday inevitably. If it is to insist as doing it unheedingly, then it is only itself to blame regrettably-it should put into consideration this; the one whose house is made of glass, should  not throw stones at others.
In conclusion, we can say this; Egypt should remember that  its house is  made  of glass truthfully. If this is the case and it is, then how does it come as throwing stones at others inconsiderately?

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