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Echo: Berlin Negotiations ... Insurgency Stumbling!

The informal negotiations held last week in Germany between the government and JEM (Jibirl), SLM (Minnawi) failed despite the great efforts exerted by the mediators.
The failed talks were distinguished by an intensive attendance, as besides Germany (the host country) the USA, UK, Norway and the AUHIP a matter which could be described as an international mobilization.
Usually the opposition armed groups like such participation from the international community as it means a recognition that Darfur issue is still in the international community agendas.
But this time it is apparent that the armed groups were grouchy towards the international community accusing it as supporting the Sudanese government.
The leading figures of JEM and SLM launched a campaign against Germany warning against its dubious role along with accusing the US Administration as paving the way for normalization with the Sudanese government, and accordingly the USA wants to engage the two rebel movements in the DDPD after which it will lift Sudan from terrorism list, hence reconsidering Darfur Peace and Accountability Act.
The essence of Berlin meeting is an attempt to find an approach to remind the DDPD as a reference with a possibility of adding other items in the future.
The government agreed with this approach and affirmed its readiness to go on the path of peace with its requirements provided that it is based on the DDPD which is linked with dialogue on the constitution and preparing the legal framework of 2020 elections.
It is high time for the international community to recognize that the opposition armed groups are not willing to enter into peace talks and to press on those insurgents to engage in the peace process considering that Darfur issue is inching to become part of our gloomy past.