Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

As a Future Doctor

As a future doctor I hear this a lot whether from colleague or senior doctors

(a year or two the hospital will be full of sick women complaining of different dermatological problems, so girl you better choose dermatology) and they laugh as if it is a joke.
That’s why i would like to highlight this issue of creams and beautifier which compose of corrosive chemical and hazardous substances.
We can see that everything starts with one girl who experience the result of certain cream and it was so astonishing she becomes white and acceptable in the community of men and women.  They see her as model ,so the next step for her is listening to all the fabulous comments about how sexy and remarkable she is .
While other girls are waiting for her little secret to show up (what do you use), she will be looking at the mirror and asking herself (what if I add more)?!
So we end up with an endless circle just like a drug community, every one drags the others and we can’t know who to blame .So, who was the one behind that?
It’s me and you, men and women, the media which link beauty to fair skin and define beauty in certain unreliable ways.
They all wanted a fair skin and that what the beauty company gave them and that how we buy our cancer, our infection ,our kidney failure and sell the identity of a real African beautiful black skin.  We sell  it to the men in our life who don't appreciate us for who we are and they just encourage us to be someone who can’t tolerate the sun light and give a chance for the invaders (cancer and infections ) to enter our bodies .
Once more it is part of Alhapsa (a four or five months  on which the bride being prepared for her husband and it supposed to be a lovely experience  but unfortunately nowadays  it is all about peeling her skin and introduce a completely different women to a man who deserve better than that  and what make me sad that most of the girls who did this are literate and know what is next ,what are the side effects and they don’t do any good by that.  Thus let us consider it as addiction yes it is.
For many reasons young men are against the idea of peeling the skin and rolling their life but women won't stop.
Please , dear sister forget everything and stop for a moment to see how lovely  you are without all that, please show some respect for God who created you. Black is beauty, white is beauty too but for those who are born with it.
Don’t hesitate to ask yourself this question. Is it worth the sacrifice?
You need the community to admire you for what you are not for who they want you to be.