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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Sudan War against Human Trafficking (3-3)

Sudan war against human trafficking; why do we it called war, because human trafficking is a serious crime

against humanity in all levels. In this article am going to continue in what I have started regarding the case of human trafficking. This time I am going to reflect on the positive international community statements concerning this case as prove that there is a progress in combating human trafficking.
Last week the deputy director of Monitoring and Controlling Human Trafficking, Mr. Joel Mayberry visited Sudan and he praised the efforts of Sudan regarding the human trafficking case, also he mentioned that Sudan government is facing a few challenges regarding the budget, but with the US and the international organization support Sudan will win the war against human trafficking.
Furthermore, the Charge d 'Affaires of the US embassy in Sudan Stephen  Coates had also praised the efforts of Sudan concerning the combating of  human trafficking, and  added  that combating human trafficking is a part of human rights and the US government is ready to give financial and political support to fight this crime.
Last year, Sudan government announced the beginning of the national plan to combat human trafficking and this plan found support from many European countries and organizations, regionally and internationally, this plan contain four concepts; the prohibition of trafficking in all forms, protecting the victims of trafficking , press charges against the people who involve in the crime of human trafficking and activate the co-operation with regional and international communities.
Moreover the national plan contain eight targets; reducing the number of the people who could be a victim of human trafficking, raise the awareness about the case, give protection and support to the people who been victims of trafficking, better services and training to the people who work in that field, strengthening the legal framework for human trafficking, upgrading the criminal justice systems  and activate the coordination and co-operation regionally and internationally.
Sudan war against trafficking is a difficult war and many challenges is there, but with this perfect plan and the great coordination with the international community, this war will end with justice victory, secure borders and Sudan will never be a pass for smugglers or traffickers……NO REGERTS …NO SURRENDER