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Sunday, 25 March 2018

After Jerusalem: will Mecca Be the Second Capital of Israel?

To both Islamic and Arab nations, this question may seem deridingly ridiculous

. However, what has been going on in the Levant since 1947 up to the latest US Presidential declaration could have not been uttered without a well designed Zionistic strategy for swallowing the whole region by the Hebrew state. To put it bluntly, the US recognition of Jerusalem as a capital for Israel did not come out of the blue as the recognition itself is said to have remained unpublicized for twenty years when it was passed during the presidential tenure of Bill Clinton and kept under the table.
With putting Jerusalem in its coils, the Zionistic anaconda would make of Damascus and Baghdad its second target, particularly this region means a lot to this artificial state in terms of history, security and economy. Historically, the Mesopotamia reminds Israel of the Babylonian Captivity and that old historical event may make the Israelis represent a new Nebuchadnezzar against Iraqi people by making movement of history go counterclockwise and bringing the Iraqis to rebuild Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem the same way Jews were coercively obliged to build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. On security side, the region extending from Sinai to Euphrates will help Israel come out of its narrow geopolitical sphere to yet more expansive world overlooking Eurasia, Caucasia and Stan-suffixed lands. Economically, all natural resources of the territory will be at her disposal, rivers of water and oil alike. To these ends, the fundamentalist movements have been used as a broom to sweep off all old Levantine elements through killings, imposed displacement and even exoduses (as nowadays one can see Syrians and Iraqis roaming about in Sudanese towns and suburbs). 
First and foremost, the Palestinian cause is a humanitarian issue and the Israeli occupation is not but a type of neo-colonialism imposed due to historical allegations built on the so-called “Promised Land”. If this claim is true, the Israeli state could have not been come out of the blue and stated according to a Balfour Declaration “a bestowal of he who does not possess for whom does not deserve”. The whole story was that “Jews had been searching for a foothold [read homeland] on Earth; their representatives in the British House of Commons were so imposing insofar they could persuade their fellow members to put their benign care for this Jewish demand and thus that ominous declaration came to light in a letter dated 2 November 1917 by the then British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, to British Jewish community leader Lord Rothschild. If the Promised Land was really a Talmudic creed, the British colony of Uganda could have not been presented as an option for the Jewish promised homeland. By and large, the promised homeland itself is a historical fallacy presented to justify the unjustifiable, let alone Jerusalem being a capital for Israel. Two historical premises can refute this fallacy, the first of which is that if such a Talmudic assumption is right, hence every nation in the world, including Israelis, has a historical claim of Asia Minor as a homeland as long as Noah’s Ark was said to have berthed at Mount Ararat in that area in 2304 BC. The second premise is that of the Atlantic Indians (wrongly dubbed American Indians) who were annihilated by adventurous Europeans 525 years ago, isn’t it of their human right to claim the New World, America, as their original homeland usurped by European invaders? The fact is that both America and Israel are typical usurpers, their scientific and technological supremacy notwithstanding.
Knowing that human rights or whatever rights would not lend legality to the existence of this Hebrew state, the Israelis and their western allies have depended only on power to establish this diabolical state on the ground and, after successive defeats and victories, Arabs were taken for a ride by the likes of Camp David and Oslo. As regarding the former, since Egyptian President Sadat signed that degrading accords in 1978, Arabs fighting spirit was weakened and their Nasserite solidarity shattered and perhaps that is why the Syrian poet and politician, Nizar Qabbani, sardonically said about the Egyptian President that “Sadat wanted it a cinematographic victory at the expense of the legendary championships of the Egyptian army with its all victories, defeats and sacrifices”. As to Oslo Accord, it came to verify one of Protocols of Elders of Zion that they {the Jews} would get to their ends through malice, cunning and deception. Politically naïve as he was, leader of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, swallowed the poisonous bait of the Agreement items and, to them all, Nordic Lights turned to be a mere will-o'-the-wisp.
Ironically, all wars fought by Arabs against Israel, as of 1948 to 1973, ended up by subjugation of Arab leaders and disenchantment of Arabs who ever since began seeing their leaders clandestinely and flagrantly wooing their common enemy. Encouraged by Camp David accords, 1979, these leaders remained in their political hibernation till they were awakened by Arab Spring whereby some were overthrown, others are still bullying on their revolted people and the rest are waiting for their turn. However, with Egypt being domesticated, Iraq sabotaged and Syria put in an unending chaos, Zionists could secure Israel against the most dangerous flashpoints, while the rest of Gulf Arabs are engulfed in their petrodollars and saying to themselves “Keep away from evil and sing for it”. In the circumstances, the American Eagle perched on the Saudi mountainous desert with his formidable beak and claws, extorted some trillions of riyals and flew back home. On his way back, the Eagle might have said to himself “Our friendly enemy has generously contributed to our forthcoming recognition of Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and we hope that, on one of our Lord’s days, one of our presidential successors will establish an American embassy in Mecca as a second capital of Israel and with similar benign contribution”. How wonderful it is to extort your enemy’s weapon to beat him with! Arab money is taken from Arabs, by an American businessman, to be given to the enemy of Arabs who is prepared to exploit this money for relocation of both his capital and American embassy to Jerusalem.
For the remaining magnanimous Arabs and Muslims with other sympathizers of the Arab cause, the only way to combat the latest declared recognition uttered by the foulmouthed Trump is to take the following steps:
* Mandate the Turkish leadership to lead a global diplomatic campaign against the unfair declaration since Turkey is one of fewest countries that can call a spade a spade.
* Launch a worldwide economic campaign to boycott American exports and imports.
* Polarize possible Afro-Asian support from Islamic countries and friendly nations of that sphere.
* Isolate the decayed ego-centric Arab leaderships which make an idol of American administration.
* Nations which have not been involved in the issue before should be acquainted with the religious symbolism of Jerusalem, for example states of Malaysia, Indonesia, Java, the Comoros, Philippines, Singapore, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, etc.
* Contact Muslim communities in western countries for taking an adamantine position against the declaration by even protesting and going on strikes.
* Flare up youth national enthusiasm, for instance by hanging pictures of M. A. Mahgoub, Nasser, Arafat and Boumedienne on street poles, walls, public buildings and even personal houses.
The American President, Donald Trump, was reported to have been entangled in many scandals, not the least of which is the Russian backing he gained in his electoral campaign in a way reminding the American voters of a new Watergate version, a 2016 one. In the interim, Trump thought that he would distract the attention of the world from his scandal by declaring an earth-shattering decision concerning the ever-ready Middle Eastern issue of the Occupied Lands. Whatever the case is, Trump made sure that the time is propitious to throw in the gauntlet while he is sure that no one of Arabs could dare pick it up. To save his neck, he resorted to the old Middle Eastern play and sought to court the Jews who make and unmake US Presidents and who deal with diplomacy with the same business mentality Trump capitalizes on. At last, the American President could make Jewry get satisfied with his fateful declaration to the extent that the United Temple Movement chairman, Yaakov Hayman, said: {{1917 was the Balfour Declaration establishing Israel for the nations, 2017 was Trump’s declaration. When Jews and non-Jews go up en masse, the Temple is inevitable. The people of Israel are returning to their roots while simultaneously the non-Jews of the world are realizing the authenticity of our claim to the Temple Mount and our right to build a Jewish Temple as a House of Prayer for All Nations. These processes are codependent. It depends on the Jews, our actions, but the non-Jews are an essential part of the process. Our task is to act as priests to make the whole world holy}}, quoted from WorldNetDaily (WND), an American news and opinion website. 
To Jews, even the name (Trump) is telling as it has literal synonyms of credible person, favourite colour and trump while to Arabs, Trump is nothing other than a trumpet creeper sprouted out of the Jewish Tree. This Trump and his predecessors used to bet on the following:
1. Weak memory of Arab leaderships.
2.  Arab leaders being fond of western privileges and continuous pilgrimage to Washington to perform their tawaf around the Holy White House.
3.  Arab leaders are only lions before their peoples and a startled ostrich before others.
4. To Arab leaders, principles and creeds are no better than puzzles when compared to power and wealth.
     So, under these unbalanced situations and with Jerusalem being usurped by daylight, should Arabs and their foes wait for Armageddon of the New Testament or for Godot of Samuel Beckett or for the Great Signs of the Doomsday?