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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

IUA Success is Model to Follow

Sudan Vision had visited International University of Africa IUA for two hours, to stand on the real role, visiting its different departments and sections, mainly the TV, Radio, faculty of Languages of the University in Sudan, Africa and the world as a whole. Ambassador Professor Khidir Haroun Ahmed, Sudan former Ambassador, dean highlighted many aspects of the IUA in a full text of an interview published in one of our issues. 
It is one of the most distinctive universities in Africa plays multiple role, beside its academic role, it has s specialized TV and Radio to show and reflect the vision and mission of the University in five live and African languages. Several scholars, professors and doctors from Sudan and abroad have been working as staff and part-timers.
IUA performs a real mission on behalf of Sudan in addressing the whole through the gate of the University considering this as its duty towards Sudan.  IUA needs support and joint efforts from all Sudanese institutions being public of private for its noble mission. 
Most of the graduates of the IUA had played vital and distinctive role in their home countries as politicians, scientists and scholars in the different specializations and knowledge. IUA student capacity is 15,000 students from all Africa and the world. They are distributed in 22 faculties in different specializations.
Languages is one these 22 faculties of the IUA, Professor Sayed Hamed Hereiz , Dean of the faculty shed light on the idea of establishing the faculty of Languages as part of the IUA international message and Dawa, beside training and qualification of its students from African, Asian and European countries.
According to Prof Hereiz, the faculty of languages was established as a decree issued on February 24th, 2015. It aims to organize academic programs in its specializations that include Intermediate Diplomats, Bachelor, Master and Doctorates. The faculty concerns with the African, Asian and European languages.
The faculty has a vision to look for becoming a pioneer educational foundation in the field of African, Asian and European languages. The mission of the faculty is to concern with these languages regard to teaching, training, translation and scientific research. Its objectives are represented into realizing the mission of the University in provides the qualified graduates in the field of languages qualification, training of the students.
The Faculty works to qualify students to obtain Bachelor degree in non- Arabic languages, and also to obtain higher diplomats, master and Doctorate in languages and translation. It works also to realize solidarity and integration with the higher education foundations.
IUA has its noticeable contribution in the scientific research and the mass media by continuous training students before graduation in the University. The IUA expect to conduct a partnership with Sudan Vision to exchange knowledge and experience in publication and training and writing considering its students as a real link between, Africa and the whole world.
Professor Sayed Hamid Heriez is one of the Sudanese academics in Anthropology and folkloric studies. He obtained his Doctorate in Folklore in University of Indiana in the United States of America USA. He had worked a director general of the Afro-Asian  University of Khartoum .He obtained his Master degree in Leads University in Britain .He obtained the Bachelor of Arts –English section in University of Khartoum . He had worked in different Universities in Sultanate of Oman. United Arab Emirates UAE, China, and now at the International University of Africa.  
Mutasim Fadul Abdul Gadir, the Director General of Radio Africa FM ,  is a prominent figure in the  Sudanese mass  media . He highlighted the vision and mission of the Radio . It is one of the developed prominent specialized Radios provides in Africa, its services not are not targeted only Sudan as a headquarter of the International University of Africa IUA but also for all Africa and the world. It presents its services into Live languages included Arabic, English, French, and 9 African languages like Swahili and Hausa, at the frequency 95.3 megahertz .
As part of its mission Radio Africa presents different specialized programs by the students and the graduates of the IUA as a practical study in the faculty Of Mass Communication , and at the same time to show the diversity of the African cultures , and to recognize with Africa and to narrow the gap between the African Nations .
 It is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and creativity of Africa. It also works to shift and exchange the academic and scientific knowledge to the communities through 79 nationalities in the IUA.