Current Date:

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

US$ 21 Million to Enforce Projects for Communities Hosting Refugees in White Nile State

Khartoum -The Commissioner of Refugees (COR)  and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have signed an agreement to support the refugee communities in the White Nile State with a value of $ 21 million.
The Commissioner of Refugees (COR) Hamad Al-Juzoli and UNDP representatives launched the first phase of the $ 2.2 million project to support host communities and refugees through the provision of some machinery and equipment, including tractors, agricultural harvesters, some aspirants and water pumps.
 Al-Juzoli stressed that this support will continue in three stages, stressing that the most important stages of this project is to rehabilitate the projects known as White Nile through the disinfection of channels, electricity and land re-cultivation.
  Al-Juzoli expressed his optimism that this agreement will make a big leap forward in the society by saying that the projects are large and need rehabilitation, which will lead to changes in the economic situation of the host society and support and employment opportunities for refugees in the White Nile, adding that the state now hosts more than 150,000 refugees in the camps 88,000 refugees in cities around the state.
He confirmed that the Refugee Authority signed the agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in order to compensate the communities that hosted the refugees before the intervention of the United Nations and before the intervention of UNHCR. He hoped that these projects would be a good start for the citizens of the state.