Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Nyala Declaration: Effectiveness of Communal Partnership in Enhancing Voluntary Return Process

The 9th Forum of State Commissioners for Humanitarian Aid has come out at the conclusion of its session in Nyala town

, capital of South Darfur State, which coincided with the conclusion of the activities of the National Volunteerism Day, with a host of recommendations.
The occasion was attended by Presidential Aide Ibrahim Al-Sanousi, a number of government officials, representatives of the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the government of South Darfur State.
Despite the importance of some humanitarian issues discussed by the forum, however the dossier of the voluntary return process loomed high in the activities of the forum and the national day, as Darfur witnesses big flows of returnees from camps to their original villages.

Disarmament Decision Motivates Voluntary Return:

The operation for collection of weapons has motivated the IDPs to voluntarily return to their original areas after feeling that their personal security is guaranteed, especially that they had been living in fear for 15 years by acts committed by those who want to aggravate the issue of Darfur to realize their personal agenda.
Representative of the IDPs at the celebrations marking the National Volunteerism Day Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim affirmed that the decision by the President of the Republic on weapons collection was received by the IDPs with great relief and satisfaction as appointment of Engineer Adam Al Faki as governor of South Darfur enhanced further their assurance on their security. He pointed out that Al Faki has exerted great efforts for boosting the security and stability situation in the state ending tribal conflicts through a number of reconciliation conferences he held, that led to the end of the war and assured the IDPs concerning their voluntary return.
Ibrahim affirmed that the transformations that had occurred in the state has led the IDPs to return their original villages since 2017, and the voluntary return process is continuing till now, calling for taking a number of measures for enhancing the stability of these returnees, including provision of basic services of water, health and education besides agricultural equipment and improved seeds to enable them to catch up with the agricultural season to enable them to be self-reliant.
He said the Governor of South Darfur State has issued a decree ordering handing over of lands to their original owners of the returnees a matter that has encouraged the return process, calling for handing housing plots to them for further assurance and planning of the camps for those who prefer to stay in them.
Chairman of the higher committee for the celebrations marking the National Volunteerism Day and Minister of Agriculture of South Darfur State Sabiel Ahmed Sabiel, has affirmed that the occasion included a number of activities, including distribution of aid to 6000 families besides health programs, such as an eye medical treatment camp that benefitted 5000 families at the voluntary return villages.

Donors Conference for Supporting Voluntary Return Process:

Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid Ahmed Mohamed Adam has lauded the efforts exerted by South Darfur State concerning the voluntary return process and its cooperation with the organizations, lauding the experience of the state, where the number of the voluntary returnees has exceeded 300,000 families.
He affirmed support of HAC to the villages of voluntary return amounting to two billion pounds besides arrangements for convening a conference of donors for supporting the voluntary return process, indicating that Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile are witnessing accelerating spontaneous voluntary return process. He affirmed that the Presidency has adopted a fund for supporting the process.
State Minister at the Ministry of Social Security and Development Ibrahim Adam, on his part, affirmed the government’s support to the options for the IDPs pertinent to voluntary return, stressing the importance of unifying structures of the humanitarian work and coordination between the center and the states.
He called on the national institutions to support the voluntary return process, announcing bringing all IDPs under the health insurance umbrella and providing direct support to the poor.

Last Cycle in Solving Darfur Issue

Governor of South Darfur State Adam Al Faki affirmed that the current voluntary return process is considered as last cycle in solving the issue of Darfur, lauding the efforts of the regular forces in realizing security and stability.
Al Faki pointed out that resolving the issue of social peace has become a model in this connection, pointing out that this model was presented at the UK Embassy in Khartoum in the presence of 18 ambassadors and 54 foreign organizations as 28 cases were resolved in a period of less than a month.
Presidential Aide Ibrahim Al-Sanousi stressed the importance of voluntary work that is based on human and religious values, affirming support to the recommendations and decisions included in Nyala Declaration for enhancing the voluntary return process.