Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Ethiopia Wants to Train Ethiopian Cadres in Sudan

Khartoum - Ethiopian government has confirmed its aspiration and desire to benefit from Sudan's experience in the oil and gas fields and formulation of long-term agreements.
Ethiopian State Minister for Petroleum and Minerals, at his meeting here yesterday with the Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdul Rahman Osman Abdul Rahman, said that his country looks forward to benefiting from Sudan's oil experience in training Ethiopian cadres in Sudan to gain Sudanese expertise in the oil and gas sector.
For his part, Minister of Petroleum and Gas welcomed the delegation and their desire to benefit from the experience of Sudan in the field of oil and gas, stressing that Sudan has managed over the past years to develop its capabilities in the field of oil industry, pointing out that the doors of Sudan is open to cooperate with neighboring Ethiopia to benefit from Sudanese expertise, calling on the Ethiopian delegation to learn about the Sudanese potential in this area.