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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Empowering Women in Agribusiness and Fishing Value Chains in Red Sea State

Khartoum – As part of its activity in different fields of women in Sudan, the UN Women

signed Tuesday 31st October 2017 a development cooperation agreement to implement the project title empowering   Women in Agribusiness and Fishing Value Chains in the Red Sea state, for the sake of women in the Eastern Sudan. UN Women Country representative Mme Jannet Kem signed on behalf of her side, and Deputy Ambassador of Italy in Sudan, Valeria Romare signed for the Italian Development Cooperation.
Mme Jannet briefed to the mass media this cooperation with the Italian development Cooperation. She shed light on the project which developed to enhance women ‘economic empowerment in the context of Sudan current efforts to end poverty, strengthening social cohesion, stability and build lasting peace, while bridging the humanitarian development and peace pillars.
She added that the project aims to contribute to sustainable development, economic transformation, women empowerment and improve livelihoods in Sudan through women effective contribution to employment, job and income. Regard to its strategy of intervention , it will include enhancing access to skills and technology , supporting women to organize in cooperatives or networks , improving access to business development and finance as well as markets .
Mme Jannet explained the project’ objectives that include increase of productivity of women small farm/ business holders in food processing and support technology that reduces their physical burden of work. Improve women ‘access to financial services and increase their capacity to invest in Agribusiness , especially processing baby food and fish preservation and processing . Promote women ‘opportunities to move up the value chain in food and fish processing by building their business development skills.
She concluded that by 2021 people in Sudan, with emphasis on small producers and micro-entrepreneurs have access to improved productive capacities that contribute to inclusive and sustainable livelihoods, job creation and ending extreme poverty.
 Italian Deputy Ambassador to Sudan, Valeria Romare highlighted the reasons of choosing the Red Sea area in Eastern, pointed to their clear contribution in supporting developmental projects in Eastern Sudan.  She briefed the duration of the project which is 12 months to be implemented with a total cost of 250,000 Euros. Valeria explained that in the Empowering women in Agribusiness and Fishing project they work in the line with the government of Sudan.

From the Editor:

We believe that the initiative of transformation of agribusiness or sea products to achieve food security for the local communities besides creating jobs deserves appreciation, especially when it is applied as a pilot project in eastern Sudan.
The project will definitely contributes in reducing poverty and enhancing peace considering that about 500 women will benefit from the project.
We, as media outlet, strongly support such initiatives and we consider Sudan Vision as a forum to promote such projects.
We call on our concerned financial institutions e.g. Family Bank, Saving and Social Development Bank, public and private microfinance organizations to launch similar initiative, especially in the field of women empowerment.
Let us hope that other organizations follow suit the UN Women initiative in other parts of the country as part of human development projects.