Current Date:

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Weapons Collection Campaign: Inauguration of Modern Equipment and Devices to Detect Hidden Weapons and Explosives

The Sudanese people have suffered from the proliferation of weapons into the hands of citizens, especially in areas of tension and conflict, where lives of hundreds of

thousands of the people have been lost in tribal conflicts in the said areas, while insurgency that has arisen in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile has played a bad role in spreading the culture of violence and weapons, as many people took up arms to protect themselves and defend their lives and property. The insurgency, which sowed sedition and destabilized the security and stability of civilians, deprived Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile from developmental and economic movement.
The State has put forward development plans to deal with the situation in the most war-affected states. It has also pledged to reduce the most dangerous phenomenon that threatens security, stability and peace in all the states of the country, namely the spread of arms, especially in the states of Darfur, which is in a state of instability and security tension due to the proliferation of weapons, where the tribal differences sometimes turn into confrontations with weapons, and the Presidency issued a resolution to collect the weapon and to be carried only by the regular forces.
 Vice President visited the five states of Darfur to find out the necessary arrangements for the start of the weapons collection campaign in its first phase, which is voluntary, before the start of the second phase, which has already begun.
Vice President, Chairman of the Higher Commission for the Collection of Weapons and unlicensed Vehicles, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman announced the
launch of the arms collection in the states of Darfur and Kordofan.
He said that the state will not allow any citizen to carry arms whatever the justifications, stressing that any weapons seized by citizens will be confiscated and brought to trial, besides prohibition of the use of citizens of four-wheel drive vehicles, Including the licensed ones, as cars of a military nature, and have a role in destabilizing the security and spread of crime, calling on the owners to hand over them to the government, explaining that they will be compensated materially, while preventing negative phenomena for extension of the prestige of the state and the rule of law, stressing granting of the regular organs all powers to implement the decision of weapons collection, as well as directing the judicial bodies to establish concise courts for this purpose, directing to control any other forces and control of their weapons in accordance with the laws and regulations governing it.
One of the biggest efforts made by the state to make this great work successful is to bring the latest equipment related to the detection of weapons and hidden explosives, marking the beginning of the stage of forced collection of weapons.
Sudan Vision attended the opening of the exhibition on these devices was organized by the Higher Committee for Arms Collection, and was opened by the Vice President of the Republic, Hassabu Mohamed Abdul Rahman, with the participation of a number of officials in the armed forces, police and members of the Higher Committee for Arms Collection, where Hassabo was briefed on the nature of the work of these devices and their high ability to detect weapons and explosive materials.
The vice president also witnessed a presentation of sniffer dogs to detect weapons and explosives, which belong to the police from the Criminal Evidence Department, along with dogs belonging to the Engineers' Corps.