Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

Sudan Pledges to Halt Mercury Import by 2020

Khartoum:  Minister of Minerals Professor Hashim Ali Salim has put forward alternatives for mercury use in extracting gold from traditional mining.

He disclosed while addressing traditional gold  miners in Al Abideya market in Barbar locality yesterday a number of alternatives of mercury  to be used for extracting gold in the traditional mining sector due to its health impact on miners top of which is an experiment introduced by a Turkish company that extracts gold by using water
The Minister noted that by the year 2020 Sudan will halt the use of mercury in mining adding that " by the year 2020 we will not import even one gram of mercury pledging at the same time to ban  child employment in mining  in the aftermath of the issuance of a regulation banning it disclosing that inspection campaigns will be launched for monitoring child employment in mining.