Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

VP Directs Further of Coordination for Voluntary Return

Khartoum- Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Osman Mohammed Yousef Kibir has directed to make further coordination in the issue of voluntary return in the states of

Darfur and to exert more efforts to provide basic services for the returnees.
Addressing the meeting of the Higher Committee for the Voluntary Return, Kibir indicated to the importance of holding a joint meeting between governors of Darfur states and voluntary return partners to discuss issues related to returnees and provide them with a livelihood, calling for the importance of securing the agricultural season for the stability of returnees, praising the performance of the High Committee for the Voluntary Return and its efforts made during the last period.
Minister of Social Security and Development, Widad Yaqoub said that the meeting discussed the efforts of voluntary return committees focusing on  coordination between the states and the voluntary return partners concerned with voluntary return.
   The Commissioner for Voluntary Return and Resettlement in Darfur, Taj Eddin Ibrahim Al-Taher, said that he presented an enlightenment to the Committee's meeting on the situation of voluntary return and its challenges, saying that the VP approved the proposal of the Higher Committee for Voluntary Returns to conduct a comprehensive survey on returnees returnees to be conducted  in November.