Current Date:

Sunday, 16 December 2018

1st Inter-regional Smart Agriculture Forum Kicks-off in Khartoum

Khartoum- (Neimat –Ahmed – Mohamed ) 1st Inter-regional Smart Agriculture Forum (ISAF 2018), convened yesterday Monday 23rd September 2018. The forum is jointly

organized by the Arab Organization of Agricultural Development (AOAD) and the Arab Organization for Information and Communication Technologies (AOICTO) in collaboration with the ministries of Agriculture and Forests, Information and Communication and Information Technology. It was held under the theme “First towards Bright Future for Smart Agriculture.”
Presidential Aide, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, affirmed the forum came in the context of the initiative of the President of the Republic Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir to invest in agriculture to realize Arab Food Security.
The Presidential Aide explained that the Internet of Things (IoT) will open domains and horizons that enable farmers to expand in agriculture through using technologies. He described the smart agriculture as a turning point to cope with the challenges of the population growth.
He appreciated the role of the organizers, and the main and strategic partners in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.
He pointed to the efforts exerted to realize political and security stability to help in success of investment; in addition to improving the investment law to attract more foreign investments.   
Ambassador, Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, assistant secretary of the Secretary General of the Arab League (AL), Head of the Economic Affairs, addressed the forum pointing to the initiative of the President Al Bashir in the Arab Summit held in Riyadh in 2013 in providing food security in the Arab world. He stressed on the needs of the Arab world for food despite its rich and various resources and agricultural product, but they import about 50%of their requirements. He described Sudan as capable to solve the food issue in the world.  
Ambassador Dr. Kamal said that the 1st Inter-regional smart agriculture forum enhances the smart agriculture opportunities; in addition to enhance the regional cooperation to realize food security in the Arab World. He noted to the importance of coordination of regional and international efforts in this field.
Engineer Hassab al Nabi Musa Mohamed, Minister of Agriculture in Sudan assured that the smart agriculture forum is organized after the initiative of the President al Bashir regards to the agricultural investment to realize the SDGs for 2030. He pointed to the importance of the information and communication technology, and the Internet of things. He added that the use of these advanced technologies will help in the increase of product and productivity. Hassab al Nabi assured that the forum timing is simultaneously with Sudan efforts to create characteristics to increase the productivity to realize Arab food security.
Minister of Information and Communication and Information Technology, Bushara Jumma Aror, emphasized the importance of the developmental information, explaining that the communications coverage in Sudan represent 80% covers 43% of the total area in Sudan. He assured the government efforts in the electronic government. He stressed on the importance of training in for using these technologies. 
For his part, Director General of the (AOAD) Professor Ibrahim Adam Al-Dikhairi, shed light on forum explaining its aims and objectives that create mobilizing in agricultural and animal sectors, and the communications technology. He added that the forum program includes scientific working papers, specialized workshops, national, regional and international exhibition beside business to business meetings.
The opening session witnessed the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the AOAD and AAAID in the field smart agriculture.