Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Qatar Recommends Joining of Arms Holders to Peace in Accordance with DDPD

Doha - (SMC) The meeting of the Follow-up Committee on the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) confirmed the establishment of a joint committee of the signatories to the document, UNAMID and the State of Qatar to follow up the implementation mechanisms of the agreement, as well as the need to review the Darfur development strategy which will end in 2020, stressing the need to join all arms holders  to peace, according to the Doha document as the main guarantor of any peaceful settlement in Darfur.
Secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement, Nahar Osman said, after the meeting held yesterday in Qatar, in the presence of Dr. Mutlaq Al-Qahtani, the Special Envoy of the Qatari Foreign Minister for Mediation and Counterterrorism Affairs, as well as members of the Follow-up Committee of the Doha Document and a number of donor countries, said that another meeting will be held in the coming month to discuss how to activate the Darfur Development Bank sponsored by Qatar, noting that the meeting reviewed the report of the Qatar Development Fund, which confirmed its commitment to peace in Darfur.