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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Francis Deng: The Situation in Abyei Illustrates the Possibility of Diversity in One Country

Khartoum - Dr. Francis Deng, the leading figure in Abyei Dinka Ngok area, revealed his role in previous periods in convincing the US administration of his importance and

influence in the area and persuade it to abandon the view of Sudan as a country with negative influence in the area and threatened its security by accusing it as a state sponsoring terrorism.
He said that the United States was thought to leave Sudanese affairs to the European countries. He pointed out that he worked as a single Sudanese in the framework of a committee that  he assumed the position of alternate president, and it was competent to discuss US policy in Sudan, where he was able to convince the prevailing trend in this committee that Sudan is an important country for America, as it is an African and the Middle East country and a region for the convergence of religions and that Sudan can be a source of good, unity, peace and peaceful coexistence at the national level, pointing out that there was no international movement to separate southern Sudan and there was no acceptance of granting southerners the right to self-determination.
Deng said that his support to enable the citizens of the south to achieve and exercise the right of self-determination, despite my firm position to support unity, was aimed at self-determination as a pressure to create a climate that allows all Sudanese to unite on the basis of equality.
Deng stressed that the prevailing American approach towards addressing Sudan's problem at the time was based on the establishment of one country with two systems in the north and the south, as applied in the interim period of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, saying that my vision that this would confirm unity despite differences.
For his part, Head of Abyei Joint Oversight Committee, Sudan side, Engineer Hassan Ali Nimir addressed the committee’s efforts and the joint committees in providing various services and strengthens peaceful coexistence, pointing out that the right of self-determination is a legitimate right of citizens of the area.